Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jordan Sweethearts

Saturday it was my privilege to accompany my dear friend Carly Yeager to the Jordan High Sweethearts Dance. That afternoon we went over to a friend's house, Taylor, and played Curses. Some people got in the hot tub but Carly, Taylor and her date Brandon opted to stay dry and play Phase 10. I told you we stayed dry.

Then we went over to the house of a girl neither me nor Carly knew, Sara-she goes to Alta. But we forgave her for that. There we had a very early but very delicious Dutch oven dinner. I got a few hours break after dinner and then Carly picked me up again for the dance where I showed off my sweet dance moves I'd been working on all week. Afterwards we went over to Destiny's house and watched Kate and Leopold. No I'm not speaking metaphorically. We really did go over to Destiny's house...my good friend Destiny Glover.

There's my dance dance recitation.


Lisa Monks said...

Okay, I think I'm officially the last person in the WORLD without a blog. Now even my students have them??? Yeesh. It is really great to see what is new with you, Zach! And tell Carly I said hi too. You guys look great, I'm glad you had a fun date. Wow, I feel old . . . just yesterday, my cousin in New York called me to say that one of my former students is a missionary in her ward!! One of my little seventh graders is now a missionary?? I really can't be THAT old, can I??? Anyway, have a great week, great to hear from you. Tell your parents hi too!

smashLey said...

it's super great zach!! ...big fan.

Emily said...

Nice shirt ... *wink, wink*