Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reflections on Graduation

Needless to say I've been busy sorry ha ha. I'm resolving to be better at updating this blog for everyone...anyone who still reads it...which is few if any. The sad thing is is I am so much better at updating this than my journal. A lot better. Pathetic I know but hey so am I. Seriously I watched all 3 X-Men movies yesterday. Oh well.


Well I graduated! I was my class's Salutatorian as well! So exciting! Ever since I found out what a Valedictorian was when I was in 8th grade I've made it a goal to become my class's Valedictorian when I graduated. Didn't quite make it but I am completely satisfied with what I did achieve. Especially since the Valedictorian, Justin Warner, has credentials coming out of his ears and is a super nice guy and a great friend of mine to boot :) Although, strange as it may sound, I'm not sure it's quite hit me yet what that means exactly, to be graduated--the whole growing up, moving on thing, the friendships that sadly end, the leaving on a mission. I didn't even cry at any final concert, end of year, senior, or graduation thing. It all feels so surreal. However, when I do realize that I am growing up the idea of moving on to bigger and better things becomes rather exciting so all in all I'm doing great!

My best friend Emily :)

This is me with the Valedictorian! Cool huh?

There is something, however, about the end that tends to make you reflect on the beginning. As you may or may not be aware, music, especially band, was an enormous part of my high school career. And by golly we were really good. High school music is judged and given a rating that works similar to school grades. A I (one) is considered a Superior Rating and is like an A. It goes down from there, I-, II+, and such to V. My entire time at Jordan, every band I participated in received straight I's, a feat not often achieved by any band, and it goes without saying that I am thrilled and extremely proud. That is a total of 48 I's given by judges at every Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Orchestra, and A Cappella Choir competition I've been in the last 3 years. COOL!!

The other important thing in my high school life was obviously my academics. To me my Salutatorian medal is not a symbol of honor and recognition but rather a symbol of my hard work. Cuz dang it I did work hard! I managed to maintain my 4.o GPA all throughout middle school and high school, all while taking as many Honors and AP classes I could. And yes I passed all the AP tests :) Kind of a load but I managed. Between the GPA, AP tests, and a 32 ACT score the University of Utah offered me the Presidential Scholarship, a full ride tuition scholarship plus a little extra, which I accepted but deferred until after my mission. It does, however, require I maintain a 3.7 so my work isn't done yet. I don't mean to brag but rather inform about my high school experience and what I plan on doing now.

I am going to miss Jordan High a lot. I never got Senioritis at all this last year. Maybe it is just because I was too busy for it, but I really never felt like I wanted to get out. I loved high school. It was a great experience for me. As cliche as it may sound, I really did find myself in high school. I met so many wonderful people and made such good memories--memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. I do, however, recognize that all good things must end and that it is now time to move on to greater things. So really its not an end, but a beginning. A beginning to a new life, one with new adventures, experiences, trials, and maturity. So look out world here I come!

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Lisa said...

Well said, Zach! Keep up the blog; it's a good record of all those things you think you'll remember forever, but believe me you won't. Way to go on the scholarship! That is wonderful.