Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Month in a wrap (not rap sorry)

Hey guys sorry I've been such a slacker in letting you whats going on. Since I have so much to catch you up on that I've missed I'm gonna have to do a blanket report so sorry about that.

On March 8th the JHS Jazz Ensemble competed at the Crescent Jazz Festival in Orem. We played the best we ever had before but were politically shoved out of an award position so that was really disappointing to us. But we made up for it at Region Jazz Festival on the 11th where we blew everyone out of the water and received Superior Ratings across the boards; strait I 's for anyone music savvy.

On the 12th the JHS Wind Symphony was privileged to host the University of Utah's Wind Symphony for a joint concert. This is a HUGE deal because well...the U doesn't do this for just any high school band. We are very proud of our achievements and are looking forward to our upcoming competitions: Region Band, State Band, and the Heritage Festivals at San Diego (band tour!!). Choir is good too. Not as good as band but good. Our last concert on the 5th went pretty well. But I'm pretty busy with that too. I've got Region, State, and Heritage Festivals also coming up

On the evening of the 8th [yeah this was really fun getting to after the jazz festival :s ] I got to accompany my dear friend Rachel Peckham to the 1st Annaul Jordan High Seminary Prom held at the U of U Institute building. It was so much fun, and lucky for Rachel cheap ha ha (girls choice). And our dear seminary teachers and Council did a wonderful job at making it as little like a stake dance as possible which was so good. And talk about clean!!

My beautiful niece Maya was blessed on the 16th. She is just so much fun and wow talk about a killer smile! Even at 3 months she is all smiles! [Em pics are coming soon for the competition. A whole entry will be dedicated to this beautiful lady :) ]

For those that haven't yet heard...Nate...and Nicki...are engaged!!! As of Easter Sunday! And the family is thrilled! They are being wed on August 8th so if we like you mark your calendar for that date :)

Well its the end of 3rd quarter this week. My last quarter of my high school career begins next Tuesday. Its really bitter-sweet for me...but i guess its time...

Well thats my March. The highlights anyway. Really its been such a crazy month for me! But I'll try and be better at keeping you updated. Keep watching March Madness! Best time of the year!

P.S. Grandma is out of the hospital and is in a rehab clinic where she is making progress but its unlikely she'll ever come back home again.

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Emily said...

They're FINALLY DOING SOMETHING WITH THE RELATIONSHIP! YAY! Haha, no more indecisiveness ... we hope ...