Sunday, March 30, 2008

One-Two Knock Out!!

For about 2 years now my best friend Emily and I have had a friendly competition regarding our nieces and nephew. To finally put an end to the debate, I give you my niece, Maya, to finally end the debate. She is cuter EmJ!

Look at this!! She was beautiful just hours out of the womb! I immediately fell in love with her :)

Here she is with her favorite uncle :) I know you can't see her very well but trust me she's a doll! It gets better!

Now can it get any more priceless than that? And that's Caden in the background. He is such a good big brother :)

Ok I understand that this maybe isn't the most flattering picture of Maya, but its still cute in a hilarious way ha ha! She is totally saying "huh??"

Look at that face! Emily look at this? You really think you can do better than that? She's gorgeous!!

If anyone has seen "Hook" they'll know who I'm talking about when I say Thud ha ha. When I took this pic I was laughing SO hard! This is one of my very most favorite memories I have of her (same time as next pic). She was just chillin with me, totally sprawled out on my lap-she fits perfectly between my body and knees-as I was sitting on the love sac. We were watching The Little Mermaid, which she loved by the way. But she was just looking up at me and smiling while I played with her, blowing in her face and such. And she was just so cute she totally melted my heart! :)

And here is my crowning jewel! Maya has the most beautiful and contagious smile I've ever seen! Doctors go on and on about how babies can't smile let alone laugh at a young age. Well Doc, eat your heart out! MY baby can! And look! Hello gorgeous!!

I don't have as many recent pics of Caden but I thought I should throw in a few here. This is Caden saying "cheese" because my camera told him to lol! (the camera on my phone says "Say cheese!") And yes he's wearing Marti Gras beads. He walked into my room and walked out about 10 seconds later wearing them! It was so funny! He's so fun and has SO much energy! He IS perpetual motion! And his vocabulary gets bigger and better everyday, in both English and Japanese (yes, Caden and Maya's mommy is Japanese. And we all love Ai so much! She's awesome!)

Cute little squirt :) Anyway those are my babies! I think that I just hands down swept the competition! There is no way Emmy can even touch this! Sorry dear...but I win! :) But its ok I still love ya :)
And sorry Bum and Ai for exploiting your children for my gain...I couldn't resist! They're just way too cute and I love them!!


Emily said...

Yep, sorry, babe, but I win.

Bum said...

As a totally unbiased third party, I think you have the most adorable nieces and nephews in the world!