Monday, July 7, 2008

What Happened to Little Mac?

Now that school is out, I've had quite a lot more free time. A good portion of that time has been spent playing video games, something I never get to do during the school year. A few weeks ago a wandered down to Best Buy to see if I could find any cool new games for my GameCube. You know, some I hadn't beaten 2 or 3 times already :) To my horror I found out that the store no longer carried anything that had to do with the GameCube! I was sorely disappointed. But its ok because there is a GameStop just next door, and they sell used games there. NO! Not there either! I frantically ran over to Wal-Mart only to find the same bad news. Nobody carried GameCube merchandise anymore! Am I that outdated? I felt so old...

Now I only bring this up for one reason: I chose to purchase my GameCube for a reason. I chose a GameCube over all the other available consoles for a reason-they had far less violent, rated M (mature) games than the other consoles, and a lot more Mario-type kid-friendly games. The bloody shoot-em-up games really aren't my thing. So when I found out the GameCube was completely outdated (well...I suppose I could check pawn shops...I mean I do have my hepatitis shots...) it made me sad that the more violent systems had won over and become more popular. Now it is possible Nintendo simply did away with the GameCube to make more room for their new and quite popular Wii, and I do hope that's the case, and not that Halo won. But I remember back in the day when you could find NES, Super Nintendo, N64 systems and games and all the different GameBoys and games virtually everywhere. Oh, and the other less cool stuff too. Why is that now you have to have the latest and greatest or its nothing for you old-timer!? I want my classic video games, like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, which is still to this day the greatest video game ever made! I want to be able to walk into any electronic store and find a game I want for whatever system I have. Is it really that much to ask??

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