Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's New?

Just thought I'd update you on my life...which is very simple and pretty boring buy hey it works for me! :)

I'm working at a landscaping company called Scenic View Landscape. This is my fourth year working there (third full-time) and I love it. Each year I've gotten a raise and slowly worked my way up the ladder. This year I received a new position (guess you could say a promotion); I am an account manager. What that basically means is this: I drive around to all of the different properties the company manages and first check out the place, make sure there aren't any problems--dead flowers, shrubs or trees, dry grass, need for pruning, things of that nature--I check all sprinklers for breaks or other problems, make sure the crews are doing a good job and using their time well, etc. Basically make sure the places look sweet :) Then I go in and talk to the property manager or whoever happens to be in charge at the property and make sure they're satisfied, let them complain to me, promise everything will be taken care of, give my report to the boss, and move on to the next place. On top of that, if the only thing we have done is some sort of installation--water feature, sprinklers, flower beds, trees, etc.--I try to sell them our weekly maintenance, tell them that Scenic View is the bomb and they should give us their business. So I get to work by myself, have full control of the radio, its easy work, and I get to practice talking to new people. I love it!

I've been attending 2 Institute classes at the Sandy Institute--Pearl of Great Price (Tues 6pm) and Themes of the Book of Mormon (Thurs 7pm). I am really enjoying it. The teachers are great and the classes go so well every week because everyone who is there really wants to be there...even though some are just trying to get a wife...and they're really really weird...but its still good :) Everyone who goes (except me and my 2 friends) are all RMs so we are quite younger than the others. But I really don't mind because they usually have some really nice things to say and can bring a lot to the class. If anyone wants to come there are 2 weeks left!

I know I said my mission papers were going to go in on the 18th...but there was a little hiccup. My stake president was gone most of last week and now he's sick so I am still waiting to have an interview with him. I spoke to my bishop today and he sent the stake president an email asking him about scheduling a meeting. The bishop and stake president are going to meet and then I can interview with the stake president. After that my papers can go in! I'll be sure to let you know when they go in. :)

I think thats really all I'm up to this summer. Well and the usually hangin out :) I'll let you know if something else comes up :)


Lisa said...

Hey, don't give the RM's looking for a wife TOO bad a rap . . . I met my husband at Sandy Institute!! Does Brother Benedict still teach there?

Shakirra said...

Hey Zachy! It's Shakirra! I can't believe you are so old and graduated now! I don't remember you past 6th grade! You are so cute! I hope you're having a great day! I hope to hear from you soon!

Zach said...

I'm not sure but I'll check. And sorry for putting a blanket statement and accusation on RMs ha ha :)

Zach said...

SHEKY!! I haven't heard from you in ages what's new?? Oh and for some reason I can't connect to your blog (it looks like you have one anyway) and I don't have your email address. So give me some way to get a hold of you! Ha ha :)